Sunni has a remarkable continuum of voices that fit my needs perfectly. She has always been able to meet my tight deadline and provide me with a professional, high quality voice over in a quick turnaround time. Sunni has been an absolute pleasure to work with. My clients love her voice and she's been a great asset to my business.

- Don Quinn, Editor/Voice Director, AudioFreelances

Sunni is defined as magical-talent. When you have been in business as long as I have, you know you have found the talent that has the x-factor, a natural grasp of intonation and effortless intake of the directors artistic instructions... you have a winner.

- Sergio Martiniello, Director/Producer, iTV Australia

Sunni has a voice that our clients truly love. Every commercial/PSA announcement completed by Sunni has been overwhelmingly approved every time. She is indeed a talent who should be recognized and utilized whenever possible.

I can't say enough about Sunni to do her justice. She is always on time for recording sessions, follows instructions as dictated and always knows just how to read a script. The Nevada Broadcasters Association plans to continue our relationship with her in the future.

- Gary L. Campbell, Director of Radio & Television Production, Nevada Broadcasters Association

When I brought Sunni on to do the voice over for the trailer for my book Brackets, I knew we were going to be treading a fine line. While it’s a Young Adult novel, it also has a darker edge, and that balance can be a difficult mix to pull off. Sunni not only nailed it, she exceeded my expectations, giving me reads that I hadn’t even imagined. Now when I think about the trailer for my next book, my first thought is, “How will Sunni make this great?”

- Scott Shoemaker, Author