Yes.  Sunni is my real name.

... I get asked that a lot! 

I was born and raised in Wisconsin and have a neutral American accent.  As a Citizen of the United States and a Permanent Resident of Canada I can easily work in both countries.

Having studied cello for over 25 years, I have an excellent ear for the rhythm and timing required for ADR/voice dubbing.  

I'm friendly, easy to work with, and available to work though the top notch sound studios here in Vancouver B.C. 

I am dedicated to staying at the leading edge of industry standards and, living in the third-largest film and production center in North America, that’s easy to do!

You can hear me as "Mika Mikage" (the sarcastic goth girl) and "Sue Kirino" (assistant at Tiny Orbit)  on NickToons LBX!             More projects on the way, so stay tuned!